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South of Heaven

July 6th to July 9th.   
Take the South of Heaven ride from Reykjavík to Neskaupsstaður via the south coast of Iceland


Eistnaflug is a music festival on the far east coast of Iceland. 77 bands, beautiful scenery, rock n´roll and the best part about this festival is that there are no idiots allowed.

We leave Reykjavík on July 5th in the morning and we´ll be at Eistnaflug festval ground before it starts on July 6th.

The south of Heaven ride takes you on a trip of a life time. We take highway 1 along the south coast all the way to Neskaupsstaður. Along the way we stop at breathtaking sites, go for a walk on a glacier, sail on a glacier lagoon, listen to some good music on the way, camp where no one can hear us and party hard.


You will be accompanied by some local hard rockers, we provide some traditional icelandic snacks on the way, a few beers


What where when included not included bring rent a tent rent a sleeping bag rent a mattress bring your own booze and party tricks bring an instrument

Your Vision  Our Solution

What do YOU want to do? Just let us know and we'll make it happen. We know the way.   

"I want to rent a summerhouse and stay all by myself for awhile in the nature of Iceland" 

-No problem

"Me and my husband want to play golf in the midnight sun"

-No problem

Customized Trip in Iceland

"We would like to go to a dinnerparty with some locals and learn a bit about their culture"

-No problem

"I would like to go on a quick roundtrip around Iceland."

-No problem

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"We are a couple of friends wanting to go out into the wilderness, with no one around, and bathe in a hot pool"

-No problem

" We like to see the Northern Lights "

- Well, that could be a problem....   but we'll try.

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