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Snæfell Glacier Day Trip

South Coast Day Trip

Snæfellsjökull: Snæfellsjökull is a glacier on the east coast of Iceland. On this day trip we drive to Snæfellsnes peninsula, up the mountain and all all the way to the beginning of the ice cap. It is possible to go all the way up to the glacier on a snowcat or a snowmobile. The view from the glacier is spectacular and the nature around it beautiful and calming.

The glacier Snæfellsjökull is believed to be one of the most powerful places on earth. What is meant by that... well I guess you will have to find out.

The crater is believed to be the entrance to the earth as described in Jules Verne´s book Journey to the center of the earth, which happens partly on (and inside) the glacier.

South Coast Day Trip

Hellnar: TAn ancient fishing village on the west of Snæfellsnes. It is basically a cluster of old houses. The village is so nice and cosy you will want to stay forever.

There are so many beautiful paths, villages, beaches and rock formation to see on this day trip. The Snæfellsnes peninsula is a spectacular place. Beautiful rock formation (artworks) have been formed by an interplay of sea and lava. We will stop at places like Rauðafeldsgjá, Lóndrangar, Arnarstapi, Djúpalónssandur and everything else we have time for.


South Coast Day Trip
The Snæfellsnes Day Trip 

On this day trip we drive along the east coast of Iceland, visiting the vulcanic Snæfellsnes glacier, Hellnar, Djúpalónssand, Arnarstapa, Rauðafellsgjá and more.

_________________________        08:30 Pick-up
 Lunchtime: When we are hungry
 18:30 Drop-off

 Price: 24.990 ISK


South Coast Day Trip
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