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Iceland - a safe place to travel

A safe and secure tourist spot: Iceland

With news coverage on war, political instability and wrongdoing on the rise, it makes it hard to pick a protected place to relax. There is no completely "safe" spot on earth, as anything can happen anywhere, but there are some places that are considered safe and secure.

Iceland, or Niceland as it is sometimes referred to, is amongst those places. Many tourists have reported Iceland among the safest places on earth. Crime rate in Iceland is very low. The streets are pretty safe. For those who love the nightlife, Reykjavík offers a pretty wild and amazing night life with restaurants and bars pretty much all in one street “Laugavegur”. You can walk freely at night in Iceland without having to worry about getting into trouble. Even if you are a girl, the place is quite safe for you. As the nightlife is pretty much all in one street there are always quite a few people around and the police is at the same place as well. The police put a lot of effort to keep the place safe and sound for tourist as well as for their locals.

If you are planning to visit Iceland any time soon - thumbs up.

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