Reykjavík Fashion

Personal shopper in Reykjavik
Many of us know the feeling of poncing around in the shops in a foreign country - not knowing where to go and always ending up in the mall. Our personal shoppers make sure you get to waste some of that precious money of yours instead of wasting that precious time of yours.
Don´t get us wrong - the mall´s ain´t bad at all but there is so much more to it, downtown Reykjavík also has some great shops. Your personal shopper knows where you want to go and what you might like to buy.
-Our Personal Shoppers-

Árni is your man when it comes to shopping, he knows what´s in now and what´s going to be. Árni has spoken publicly about clothes and fashion as well as appearing in the mass media - speaking about fashion of course. Árni is a track-and-field athlete, 800m being the strongest. He has a degree in civil engineering from the University of Iceland, he loves to go swimming in the North Atlantic Ocean - followed by a nice sauna bath. Not to mention Árni´s voice, he is a wonderful bariton singer. Árni is a charming person with excellent taste, he is fun to be around with and a great guy.

With Árni there is never a problem.

We call him the Prince.

-Fashions fade, style is eternal-