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Frequently asked questions about Iceland


Welcome to the land of ice and snow from Led Zeppelin´s "Immigrant song". The land of fire and ice to some. The land of elves and trolls to others or just the land where Björk comes from. The paradise island to the locals; peaceful, quiet and unpredictable.

Where can I find a Northern Lights forecast?

The Northern Lights forecast is available at the Icelandic weather site,, and other sites predicting Aurora visibility. Try asking Google on weather the kp index for the Aurora Borealis is strong, but should give you a good indication on weather it will be cloudy or not in your surrounding area.

When is the best time to see the Northern Lights?

The best time to see the Northern Lights is from September to May. Late April and early May the sky is getting to bright which makes it difficult to see the lights for the naked eye.Add Answer here

Do Icelanders live in igloos?

No, but it is no longer than 93 years that people lived in caves in Iceland. So you could say that there are people living here who are the children and grandchildren of cavemen.

Is Iceland in the European Union (EU)?

No, Iceland is not a part of the EU. It is however a part of the EFTA (Europian Free Trade Association).

What time zone is Iceland in?

Iceland is in the Western European Time Zone which is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Unlike many countries in Europe Iceland does not change it´s time between summer and winter.

Is there a direct flight to Iceland from the US?

Icelandair and WOW air fliy direct from the US to Iceland.

What language do Icelanders speak?

Icelanders speak Icelandic which is the native language. A great majority of Icelanders speak English and Scandinavian. Scandinavian can be explained as a mixture of Scandinavian languages in order to make yourself understandable.

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