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The ​Geothermal Day Trip

Day tour from Reykjavík

On this day trip we drive through scenic lava fields, and Krýsuvík, which is in the middle of the fissure zone on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge which traverses Iceland. We stop to look at a cave or two and from there we go to one of the area´s power plant as well as crossing the Mid-Atlatic Ridge bridge. Our last stop on this day trip is at the Blue Lagoon where we take a bath and relax for a couple of hours before heading back.

This day trip is dedicated to our wonderful (and extremely well appreciated) hot water.


Price 250 USD per pax

Geothermal Day Trip

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland. It is a geothermal spa, with beautiful blue water, surrounded by lava formation.

Superheated water is vented from the ground near a lava flow and used to run turbines in the nearest power plant that generate electricity. After going through the turbines, the steam and hot water passes through a heat exchanger to provide heat for a municipal water heating system. Then the water is fed into the Blue Lagoon for recreational and medicinal users to bathe in.

Geothermal Day Trip

Caves are common on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Caving in Iceland and exploring the world beneath is a great leisure activity. Each cave is unique and they all differ in size and levels of difficulties. On our geothermal day trip to the Reykjanes Peninsula we choose caves that do not require caving expertise and are doable with good shoes, gloves, a cap and good lighting.

Geothermal Day Trip

Krýsuvík consists of several geothermal fields. Solfataras, fumaroles, mud pots and hot springs have formed here, colouring the soil in bright yellow, red, and green hues.

Near the geothermal fields are several maars - craters created by the explosions of overheated groundwater. The unusual green-blue Grænavatn lake nearby has formed in one of these maars. Some of the test boreholes made here in the early 1970s, have turned into irregular, artificial geysers, one of which exploded in 1999, leaving a crater.

Price: 31.000 ISK per passenger


(Admission fee to the Blue Lagoon not included)
Departure every day

___________________________    08:30 Pick-up
 Lunchtime: When we are hungry
 16:00 Drop-off


 Late Night Trip
(Available upon request)

____________________________  18:00 Pick-up

 Dinnertime: When we are hungry
 00:00 Drop-off

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